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“You’ll still see some naked men, about one every hour,” Ternovskiy says.Of the roughly 500,000 visitors Chatroulette receives daily, about 10% are males itching to show their business. “Everyday, about 50,000 new men are trying to get naked,” he says.“You don’t see many women exposing themselves,” said my awesome chat partner. As you might notice this site dedicated to gay porn pics and all variatons of gay sex (bareback, yeah! I hesisitated at first, knowing that it could possibly be a fake cam/scam.But I told the girl to show her breasts, and instantly she did..Started chatting to an attractive blonde lady on there and we later exchanged skype details.

Thanks to deals with adult dating services like Friend, Chatroulette is earning cash hand over fist from the referral traffic.

If you’re only hearing about Chat Roulette now, take my word for it — 5:1 is an amazing stat. According to a recent interview, Chat Roulette’s reportedly 17-year-old creator, Russian computer hobbyist Andrey Ternovskiy, envisioned the site as a friendly, free-to-use social media outlet allowing people to chat with strangers from all over the globe.

What’s more, you’ll be hearing a lot about Chat Roulette in the coming weeks as media types and child protection groups debate the site’s place on the Internet, and the chat hits the fan. ) But that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll want to try it. Up to 50,000 people use the site at one time — and more may be trying. It's a video version of the random chat site Omegle, launched early last year.

hey guys,extremely embarassed and worried to admit that I have been scammed.

I came home from the pub obviously drank too much and passed some time on chatroulette.

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