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On Monday (August 22), Justin Timberlake, who voices a grouchy troll named Branch in the forthcoming animated film, revealed the star-studded track list for the movie’s soundtrack on Instagram. 1 anthem, “Can’t Stop the Feeling,” the record also includes songs from Gwen Stefani (who collaborates with the singer on two songs, “Hair Up” and “What U Workin’ With?

”), Ariana Grande, Zooey Deschanel and James Corden, who is features on the hit No.

The success has made him increasingly itinerant, and nocturnal: when he’s not keeping rap hours with stars in studios, he’s on the road living out of Airbnb rentals and DJ’ing sold-out thousand-cap venues around the world. But it’s always done good naturedly, like the interlopers are actually old pals: “Ayo Metroooo! These days, Metro is as famous as a rap producer gets.

This February in Toronto, during a mind-bogglingly frigid NBA All-Star Weekend, Metro Boomin brought out his famed confidante Future for a surprise appearance that turned a late night set at a small club into a spazzy, sweaty basement rave. ’ He’s like, ‘I’m in a IKEA.’” Also, he told Metro: “We really should do a production group together.” By this, clearly, Metro is honored. Someone asks, politely: So’s Kanye trying to sign you? Passing a pole, they unthinkingly split up and cross it on either side—a practice traditionally considered bad luck.

Two weeks later, in East London on Metro’s first trip overseas, the crowd was so big that hundreds of kids were plowing through iron barriers and the cops had to shut down the bus lines outside the venue. Nearly giggling, they bow to superstition and retrace their steps to pass the pole on the right side.

If you are not racist and are open-minded, there’s so much to love and appreciate.

Everyone has their interesting story if you pay attention.” “There were cases when I wanted to seriously date but they didn’t work out, but that is okay.

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The nature of the account implied he had dated both when he in fact did not. Louis Liaw’s Instagram account has since been set to private/deactivated.

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