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I was also the person who suggested that Jerry Springer not go into syndication, for which I have received too little credit.

All of these years I have maintained a discreet silence about my role as Oprah's adviser, but now that she has spilled the beans, the time is right to tell the whole story.

In 1996, TV Guide included the wedding of Luke and Laura as part of its "100 Most Memorable Moments in TV History," ranking it number 35.

In 1978, General Hospital was close to cancellation owing to low viewership.

Viewers watched as the show followed their marriage through two decades and gave them two children.

Today, their union still has a presence in fictional town Port Charles.

And so — since my brain is fried from book writing and moving and NYC-Vegetarian-Food Fest-ing — I figured I’d write a fun post today about the kinky things we do since going vegan. It’s great — lots of counter space, one less big, ugly box in the kitchen, and food that feels better for us (whether it actually is or not, I’m not sure). The combination not only makes the best coffee I’ve ever had; it’s also convenient enough to bring on a plane. It used to be that I could give someone a taste of my morning smoothie, and be met with a surprised, “Hey, this is pretty good! Now our smoothies start with a base of pumpkin seeds (lots of iron), chia seeds, flax seeds, and hemp/rice/pea protein powder, and that’s before the greens get involved. Sort of looks like a bowl of dirt that we put on our food. So then I just started wearing trail shoes around, since they’re grey and look better than Danny Tanner white sneaks. We don’t do the hardcore stuff like making crackers and breads and fancy raw food — honestly, we got it so we could dehydrate fruit for our son to snack on. So far, we’ve done several batches of apples and bananas, but we’re still learning. PS — Victoria Arnstein, wife of Michael (the Fruitarian), stopped by our table at the NYC Vegetarian Food Festival last weekend and told me that in her Vermont 100K win and Michael’s 100-miler win, they ate nothing but dates! It’s fun and it brings us closer to our food, even if it takes a little more time. Buy everything else Amy’s, Annie’s, Bob’s (Red Mill), Tom’s, Bragg, and Bronner’s. I’ve been living by my friend Courtney’s Project 333, pushing closer and closer over time toward owning only 100 personal items. Not because we have any sort of gluten intolerance or even a sensitivity, but because it’s fun to try new stuff. For now, I’m satisfied drinking it, something I didn’t start doing until I got to Asheville, where it’s made locally (like so much else). As for buying spouted things, we usually stick to Ezekiel Bread, most often for almond butter or hummus (but never both! even kale and tofu, which seem so ordinary now, are foods that not too long ago I considered hippie food.

Don't laugh at the chipmunks We are all standing in the wings.

Siskel is staring straight ahead, in fierce concentration. "I don't stir it up.""No, but I just thought --""It doesn't matter what goes into it, as long as it smells so nice," she said. Oprah Winfrey was hired away from the Baltimore station to host "AM Chicago." It was opposite the top-rated Phil Donahue.

The unlikely pairing became popular in spite of Luke's past misdeed when the story shifted to focus on love and redemption.

The couple wed at the end of the hour-long show on November 17, 1981; the event was watched by 30 million viewers and remains the highest-rated hour in American soap opera history.

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