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The TI-99/4 has a calculator-style chiclet keyboard and a character set that lacked lowercase text.The TI-99/4A added an additional graphics mode, "lowercase" characters consisting of small capitals, and a full-travel keyboard.

Lot of South Texas Nuc Plant folk live in this area. Here is another reason to stay out of the ditches and bayous.You can also start or participate in a posted discussion in our Christian forum.Be our Guest You can browse the chat rooms and watch and listen as our guest here on this page.Random Rock veneer panels and siding are a beautiful, cost-effective way to bring the classic look of traditional stonework into your home.A huge array of color options ranging from pale Washed Bisque to the deeper shades of Espresso provide options for virtually any décor.

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The complex patterning and versatile colors of the Random Rock veneer panels and siding adapt to a wide variety of applications, both formal and casual.

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