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The question is, what role is Steve going to be playing when he returns to Port Charles?The new promo teaser does not give fans a clue, but leaves it open for much speculation. Could the series be setting up a two Jasons storyline, or is something else a brewin’?The former Philly Roller Derby skater known as "Nina Knockout" brought a silent courtroom into her shattered world Wednesday, recounting how the hope of marriage transformed into the fear and doubt of a battered wife, culminating in the day her husband stabbed her 60 to 70 times and also tried to kill their two young children.

it is unclear whether he is back as the much loved Jason or someone totally different.Since Sam is haunted by Jason dying years ago while working for Sonny, it makes sense that General Hospital would bring back Steve Burton since that’s the face he had back then and in Sam’s mind for all the years he was missing, presumed dead and under Helena Cassadine’s (Constance Towers) control.It made no sense when GH did the Cassadine Island flashbacks and Jason had Billy Miller’s face.But Billy Miller is also sticking around and that means there’s two Jasons in Port Charles starting soon.But how will this work out and what is GH thinking bringing back old Jason while new Jason is still in town? Sam Morgan (Kelly Monaco) is suffering from a serious illness that has left her seeing and hearing things.

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Calling Stephen Burton a "monster," Common Pleas Court Judge Gwendolyn Bright sentenced him to 44 to 89 years in state prison, followed by 10 years of probation. "You don't by mistake stab someone 60 to 70 times, then go after your children. So, yes, sir, in this instance, you were a monster." On Oct.

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