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Updating your network infrastructure

With the world waking back up after last year’s mild winter, people take advantage of the spirit of renewal that the season brings in and start to take on projects to improve and refresh their environment.For many people, that means renovation, but for businesses, that could mean reviewing IT infrastructure and seeing what aspects can be improved and updated.

Using this checklist as a starting point, and working with the rest of your IT team, your management, human resources, and your legal counsel, you will be able to create the ultimate network security checklist for your specific environment.

Track and audit all software installed across your network through flexible and easy-to-configure inventory reports using the automated software inventory.

Find out which applications are installed on which computers and whether or not you are licensed for all of them.

One web console hosts a highly customizable, single-sign-on environment fit for any and all departments.

Tickets can be handled using the web interface, via email or by addressing the API.

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Your network is the foundation of your entire business and dictates the performance of all the core technology you use to run your business.